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Phil Huges: The game mourns

Misbah ul Haq emulates Sir Vivian Richards


Imran Khan's Life


Ukraine Latest: Russia orders withdrawal from Ukrainian city of Kherson. Kherson is the main city of the region of the same name — one of four Ukrainian regions that President Vladimir Putin proclaimed in September he was incorporating into Russia “forever”, and which the Kremlin said had now been placed under Moscow’s nuclear umbrella.

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Croatia values education

UK Elections

Madrid Threaten Catalan Leader of Execution

Ukraine: 5 Minutes brief.

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Islam in Europe

Nuclear talks with Iran


Bangladesh: Democracy and chaos?

Rishi Sunak wins race to become next UK PM

Rishi Sunak wins the Conservative Party leadership race and is set to become the next UK PM

UK Integrated Review

The British government, on March 16, published a 111-page “Integrated Review of Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy” through which it seeks to chart a new, post-European Union, future for itself and establish a larger, multidimensional, global footprint

U.K.’s future posture towards China. China and the U.K. both benefit from bilateral trade and investment, but China also presents the biggest state-based threat to the U.K.’s economic security, observe UK Integrated Review,


Teacher killed in France over blasphemy by a Muslim attacker. The middle school teacher was attacked earlier on Friday in the street of the commune, some 28 kilometers northwest of Paris. The attacker allegedly shouted "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Great," as he assaulted the teacher with a knife.

Why revolt in Belarus is different from Ukraine. The uprising in Belarus erupted last week in a democratic vacuum, in a country where challengers to President Alexander Lukashenko are jailed or exiled and where there is no experienced parliamentary opposition



Blasphemy: Growing anxiety in Pakistan's Society

Malala - a daughter's promise

Rebels in Ukraine

Understanding the desperation of Imran Khan

Politics of Language



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Newsflash Archives: Salim Malik the architect of match fixing (2000) 

اردو   زبان میں ہمارے مقبول تجزیئے

کیا داعش کے خلاف امریکی منصوبے قابل عمل ہوں گے؟

مسجد الحرام میں خودکار چھتریاں

گیس میں بد عنوانی پر عمران خان کی خاموشی معنی خیز ہے